23 October 2010

October Update

I haven't had much to say in the past several days, but it seems everyone has been crazy lately. Even some people I follow on Youtube have apologized to their viewers for not updating. That's the nature of autumn I guess.

But really, I have been stressed out over the studio art course I'm taking. So far, I have three assignments to take care of, and one is due on Monday. I also have to take photos of autumn for the next two weeks... I wish I could head over to nearby parks and fields, but no permit equals no driving.

Anyway, it seems I'll update at least once a month and post an entry once a week. Maybe it'll be a rant, maybe a review (two are in mind right now), I don't know. But I am not yet dead. :)

Halloween is right nearby and I'm pretty excited. I'll be with my best friend and her boyfriend as we watch movies. Although we are dying to see something scary, by friend is too much of a scaredy-cat. The Nightmare Before Christmas is great, but Halloween ain't Halloween without something scary.

If I don't update before it... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! >:)

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