14 May 2010

Enter Fangirl's Asylum!

Hello, hei, hiya! This is my first blog and I will rant (no duh) about anything I feel like. Most times it might be about music, movies, my mood, or something I noticed and have to type down! But beware! I am very opinionated and crazy like a fangirl.

It's important to me as an artist to "let it out" my ideas. Such concepts are demons who invade your mind and cause such an uproar in your head that you have to let out their frustration. Unfortunately, these demons pester me at all the wrong times! Whenever I think of a great image to draw or a description of an imaginary character to write about, I never have the time or resources to make their mark "physical"! Plus, I have a bad memory, so when I want to write/draw these ideas down later, a pale imitation or nothing is created. I'm a young artist who has not yet learned to tackle these demons.

My random blabber there is now done. Now back to business!

Maybe someone might read my blog and enjoy what I have to say, and others (the rest of the world) couldn't care less. Feel free to stick around and read my rants and enjoy them... or critique them. I really don't mind.

Just know that once you read too much it might be harder to forget...

UPDATE: I might as well put up posts every Friday or Saturday. Topics will come when they come. Qué será, será. :)

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