28 August 2015

August 2015 Update: WHELP THEN...

... This was an unproductive summer. Not school-wise at least. My research is still chugging along, despite a few snags here and there from the internet community and myself. The usual ups and downs of life always happen. I'm still being vague about my MegaTen research project because I need to be 100% sure I will release/publish the information. If I'm ever going into research someday beyond college, I need to understand the ins-and-outs before diving head-first into an empty swimming pool. But I can assure the two or three people who know and are curious about it that it is still being worked on.

Fun fact: I am one of the seemingly few people who
hates and does not rely on coffee to live.
In other news more relevant to my blog here, I'll make the fiftieth apology for my absence. Thank the superior being(s) I don't make money off of this like a job, or I'd be in serious trouble. At least this helps to remind me of what kinds of jobs and careers I will fail in.

I know I've made this excuse in the past before about not feeling well, but it is still a reason rooted in reality for me. Life at home isn't necessarily bad or anything, but I'm reaching a fork in the road. I need to find work and live as an adult, but there are no jobs where I live outside of each college semester that I can see myself doing. Either that or no one will hire me because I "lack credible work experience". Add on the fact my parents have significant others and I don't, one of my parents seems to think I'm living in the past and being an irresponsible child. As for the other parent... I have years of frustration and annoyance with them that I don't feel much basic - not even parental - sympathy coming from them either. Being single and unemployed while finishing up school in a field most people tell me will give me no work is a pain in the ass. At this point I've been looking into back-up plans, finding some way to not be stuck in a state where no one knows what the fuck anthropology is.

Putting it simply, I've been absent because I'm cracking down on finding something, anything to not make me stuck in my parent's basements any longer. Most of my energy has gone into that at the expense of creativity, and I'd feel too tired to do anything more than replay the Mass Effect trilogy from beginning to end for the thousandth time. Now that I'm back in school, I'm not sure how often I'll update anymore. But if I feel tempted for a moment, I'll try to put up something.

Anywho... what fun things have I been doing otherwise?

OH! My terrible fanfic is almost done!

Oh, Jon Stewart the Magnificent, I miss you so much! ;_;7
Granted, I still have editing and about one month of in-game content to finish, but I'm near the end, thank goodness. Much like this blog has tested my ability to have and maintain an audience, fanfiction has made me better appreciate the art of writing. George RR Martin, you have my sympathies. I'll keep telling you to hurry up with the Song of Ice and Fire series before you kick the bucket, but you have my sympathies.

I'm not going to think about what fanfic site I'll put it on until I reach the end and begin final polishing. That might not take until the end of the semester at this rate with my 400-level history class with so many papers...

Moving on. When the media nearly committed suicide over the president talking about race and said the "n" word in a perfectly reasonable, explanatory context if one actually paid attention, I officially declared the state of American news to be permanently hell-bound and absolutely irredeemable.

The internet is now my sanctuary, where I can find international newspapers, organizations, universities, and clips from liberally biased but blunt people like Bill Maher and John Oliver on Youtube to give me more perspectives the sell-out morons on network TV would never dare to attempt to acknowledge. I'll still run into biased and misinformative shit, but at least I am free to compare and contrast anywhere and anytime. Now I, my sanity, my blood pressure, and my raging October-4th-PTSD-scarred subconscious can avoid the bigoted, corporate, nationalist, hate-vomit of Donald Trump with absolute ease.

Entertainment-wise, the last movie I saw in theaters was Inside Out... and didn't care for it. I've been nostalgic for My Chemical Romance as of late, and Bastille is the only new artist/band I'm listening to. Video game-wise I'm taking a stab at Mind Zero (with me gushing over Matthew Mercer's voice), Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (with me used to strategy games thanks to Fire Emblem), and a demo of Silent Hill: Book of Memories (with me understanding why it's ignored), all to fill up the space of my new Vita memory card. My PS3 activity mainly consisted of Lego Harry Potter, Tales of Xillia 2, and Telltale's The Walking Dead. Nothing truly broad and brand new for my usual tastes, but at a time when I need to take more action in my life, having safe habits might be my best bet for now.

Well, I still seem to be snarky as always... maybe a tad more than usual. I still have some spark I think. I really ought to kick my own ass more often to keep me healthy and motivated.

So hopefully next time I can write about something good so I don't always sound like a bi-



I oughta keep myself away from the internet sometimes...

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