15 October 2014

Midterms, 'Silent Hills', and Research, "Oh my!": October 2014 Update

Maybe a cat will help, even if he/she isn't my own.
This is probably the most stressful semester I have ever had. Welcome to the adult world, Fangirl. It's only going to get busier and more hectic and more insane. Such is the beauty of life.

Anywho, hello and hiya, readers! If I somehow do not have carpal tunnel or a hunched back by the time I'm 30, it'll be a miracle. It'd be oddly amusing to finally relate to the hero of my favorite Disney movie ever, but I prefer not getting assaulted by a sea of flying tomatoes. Not until I get it on Blu-ray and set it next to my copies of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Hobbit, season 6 of HouseSucker Punch, and Daybreakers. One must be picky when investing in Blu-ray, y'know. That stuff is still pretty expensive for a college student. Plus, I gotta make my Playstation 3 live as long as my baby Gamecube.

Seriously though, I'm alright. Doing what I can, from digressive rants to snarky comments, to maintain sanity and stress so my brain doesn't implode. Midterms, paperwork, scheduling, meetings, fundraising, mentoring, and studying. And occasionally tweeting.

But to be in the spirit of the month, I guess I should mention that I watched people playing P.T. the other day. I'm still not getting a PS4 for a LONG time. But that Silent Hills playable trailer was really damn creepy, disturbing, and messed up (i.e. "I said look behind you!")

I briefly commented on Twitter that Hideo Kojima taking the reigns of the Silent Hill franchise does not worry me. Given the spotty track record of inconsistent game quality and inexperienced Western developers since Team Silent's disbandment, having an experienced, competent group of developers hijack the falling plane is wonderful. I can't say for sure if Kojima will stay faithful, even liberally, to the mythos, spirit, and tone of Silent Hill. He is known for having very verbose, lengthy dialogues and commentary about a range of social and political topics in numerous Metal Gear games. Sometimes he can be repetitive and on-the-nose about the delivery of his messages too. Despite his potentially worrisome levels of pretension and preaching, if he can make Silent Hills look nice and have a enjoyable story, I will be pleased.

Not to mention Vincent's complete character rewrite, the
incest subtext, Claudia being reduced to a one-scene waste of time,
Pyramid Head's heroism during the climax... *rant continues*
Think of this from another perspective: Kojima-bad can't in any conceivable way be far worse than Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The combined powers of Jon Snow and Ned Stark could not trump over hilariously un-ironic sexy nurses and an ironically characteristically molested Pyramid Head! Even Rectify's Adelaide Clemens didn't deserve this humiliation of a 5% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

To put it simply, I will take a preachy handling of good concepts over disregard to basic elements of a storytelling medium for filmgoers and the Silent Hill canon for even the most casual fans.

Moving on.

I'm finally learning how to do serious research in the social sciences. As in, if the stars align just right, I could present my work at a conference.

Uh... yeah. I am serious. I'm still ironing out a few things and taking careful notes before walking out into the field with a notebook to prepare data for graphs and charts. More than likely this research won't be that impressive, but I got to trip and fall epically a few times before I get the feel for the work. And I need this experience to know if this is something I can see myself wanting to pursue and improve on. One way to do so is to focus on a topic I am excited about, or have an idea I will hold enough interest in to make sure the research lasts a few months of data collecting and analyzing. Minor details.

Because I have to make sure everything is 100% ready to go, I won't disclose details yet. I'll be graded, yes, but as a perfectionist, I like to be organized and prepared for anything. It's where some of my pessimistic and cynical tendencies come from.

Until then, I've got to get a bunch of tasks off my plate. Looking up internships, writing essays, Chinese midterm -

Crap. 明天下午我有!我应该很忙准备攻读汉语考验!

And I will endlessly continue to apologize to all Chinese speakers/writers who cringe at my pathetic attempts. TT_TT

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Voltech said...

"I'm still not getting a PS4 for a LONG time."

That's a pretty smart move. The console's almost a year old at this point, but outside of downloadable titles I can't think of a single game yet that justifies the purchase -- now or in the near future. That's a problem.

I will admit, though, that P.T. -- or whatever product comes from it will be called -- has promise. There are some good bits in it, and...well, some not-so-good bits. But I'll take it, and gladly. Frankly, I'm starting to think that survival horror -- or just horror in general -- NEEDS to take center stage. Then again, I could just be saying that because of the recent release of The Evil Within/the incoming Halloween. So who knows?

Whatever the case, good luck with everything on your end. I don't doubt that it's rough on you, but you've made it this far, yeah? So just keep pushing forward, and you'll make it.

This would be the part where I leave on some snappy line, but the only thing that comes to mind is "endure and survive" from The Last of Us, and that hardly strikes me as pleasant. So I guess I'll make some creepy ghost sounds and leave it at that.



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