02 May 2014

May 2014 Update

My computer has been replaced!

So I am back to working on my drafts without fear of my battery dropping 25% charge per hour. No more toying with the charger either - which also happened to decide to die on me. Fangirl was pretty desperate these past two weeks. Somehow I managed staying online when I could for the short-term things.

But now I'm back and I'll finish up my Shin Megami Tensei IV review. Look forward to it!


"Did you hear about the Persona 4 Golden anime that was announced today?"



Voltech said...

...Yup, that's pretty much how I reacted to news of a movie for The Last of Us. For obvious -- and close to infinity -- reasons.

You know what, though? I really don't know how to feel about a new P4 anime -- and right now I'm leaning toward "come on, guys. Seriously?" And this is coming from someone who likes P4. I mean, didn't we just get an anime a couple of years back? I heard that that had some production issues, sure, but I'm not sold on the necessity of this new series, even if it covers material from The Golden.

Or to put it a different way, I'm worried The Golden Animation is going to be for P4A what The Amazing Spider-Man movies are for the original trilogy. That's not an association you want anyone making to your product.

Well, you know how it goes: innocent until proven guilty. The only way to know for sure if The Golden Animation is going to be worth it is once it's in a consumable form. Fingers crossed.

Side note: I watched Oblivion (as a captive audience, as is usually the case). It wasn't the worst thing I ever saw, but, well, I can think of many things I would have preferred doing with my time. Like engaging in increasingly-brutal acts of torture.

So yeah. I seem to remember you doing a post on it once upon a time, so consider your opinion successfully vindicated. I would say more, but I have to go punch my brother in his stupid dumb jerk face for making me watch it.

Melanie~Light said...

Yep. You and 'The Last of Us' is to me and 'Persona 4'. It's official.

That news was so insidious, it set DDS-Net on fire. People snapped. I wanted the Christian God to split the planet in half with his pinky. The Europeans lost their goddamn nuts. For so long they waited for SMT4. But Atlus STILL would rather continue to dig their fists in the guts of their darling bestselling than quell the screams in the streets.

So yeah. I'm not gonna mince words anymore. Persona 4 is officially on my shit list. I feel somewhat disgusted with myself for ever praising Persona 3. I need to stay away from the single-minded P3 and P4 crowds. Otherwise there will be blood.

As for 'Oblivion'... on one hand, I'm glad it's not just me who feels angry over that failure of fiction. I'm still bitter about how much potential was thrown into the vomit-infested dumpster. But on the other hand, I'm sorry for that awful experience. Maybe you'll do a write up on it if it lingers on your mind for a long time. But I know you have other things you'd wish to discuss instead. I don't blame you.

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