25 April 2014

My Life is a Mess: April 2014 Update

It's time to say goodbye to my baby. My four-year-old Macbook is dead. The battery refuses to charge reliably. The bottom cover - once sealed with duck tape by yours truly - has pealed off. The hard drive has been replaced and the memory has been upgraded. This monster has been fixed up so many times in the past two years, it's ready to go.

The timing is a bit funny too. The semester is ending in two weeks and I'll get a new computer before I head home. Too bad while I'm studying for finals and finishing up my project for my graphic novels class, I have to back up my data before my computer falls into a permanent coma. Forever.

So that pretty much means my fanfic will be on hold. I need to use my computer for school work more than anything else. In my free time I'll just work on beating Etrian Odyssey Untold and Strange Journey. I apologize, but even my Shin Megami Tensei IV review may be on hold for a few weeks until I get my stuff back together.

This update is shorter than normal. I have to be a bit more conservative with my electronics before I get back into my usual groove. Consisting of laziness. Huh. Nothing new considering my track record, lol.


Chalgyr Vokel said...

Oh brother - death of hardware. Nothing is more frustrating. I just upgraded my PC - thankfully not because the old one I had died, but because it was getting long in the tooth. Sorry to hear about it. :(

Melanie~Light said...

I might be getting a new laptop by next week. Too bad I'll be taking exams by then. Wish teleporters existed so the damn can land on my desk than sit in Hong Kong. I better get it before I head home.

Skype and Twitter still work ok, but I can't be on long or else my comp passes out within an hour or two. >.>

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