18 February 2014

"PSA From a Fangirl" Has Been Upgraded

I'm on Twitter as of today. Yep. I'm a terrible hypocrite, I know.

Well this is just something I want to test out for a while, like I did with Facebook before the site and my "friends" harassed me with constant images, locations, and info I could not care about. So now I'm just using Twitter to follow the sites and people I like online. Since Rants From a Fangirl is listed as my website, I'm still going by Melanie Light (or Fangirl) as my handle. If I post something new here, I might post a link there in case I get enough followers. Considering how few I have here, I doubt it.

Anywho, this pretty much means my "PSA From a Fangirl" section here will be done. I won't have much reason to make minor updates on my state of being when I'm not vomiting nonsensical articles. That being said, I'll still probably be snarky and opinionated as ever. It gives me slightly more ground to cover without needing to jump on the Youtube audio and video medium. And in case something big comes up, like a protest against online surveillance or the revival of SOPA-related laws, it might be easier to participate that way.

Otherwise, this blog is still my baby. It's still small, but I'm keeping at it. Besides, I still have Mass Effect 3 and it's awful controversy to talk about. Then some guys from DDS-Net suggested I tackle Shin Megami Tensei IV. I'm thinking about other stuff too, especially since a young adult novel I actually liked may have been butchered horrendously thanks to the Hollywood machine. And since I'm a fan of the source material, I need to bring my battle armor and face the beast.

There is so much wrong with this, I don't know where to begin.

Meanwhile, when I'm not wanting to harm my computer, I realize that the semester is 33% over already and I'm confused out of my mind. Time doesn't seem to exist or make sense anymore. I still haven't adjusted to that yet... But for now, I need to get through this busy week. Then I'll be homebound. I will attack my adorable cats, bug my family, and squeeze in some time with my PS3. Once I get more ideas on what I can talk about, new material will come out.

But man, Vampire Academy... those books were actually good and then this movie happened... *sobs*


Voltech said...

"Then some guys from DDS-Net suggested I tackled Shin Megami Tensei IV."


...So, Vampire Academy?

I don't really know what to make of that one. I mean, the commercials -- when I pay attention to them -- make it hard for me to get a beat on what kind of movie it's supposed to be. Is it action, or a comedy, or romance? Is it serious, or silly? Truth be told the name doesn't make things any clearer (and obviously, pop culture needs to take a break from vampires for unspoken, Edward-related reasons), so...I could look into it myself and find out more.

Or I could be lazy, and wait for you to do a post on it to give me all the info I need. YOOOOOOOOOOOO VAMPIRE ACADEMY POST LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Couldn't help myself. The fighting game fan in me is still on a rush from the release of Guilty Gear Xrd. Faith in video games: restored. (For now.)

Melanie~Light said...

Holy f-! O_o

Okay, I know what's gonna be the cause of the next big flood of views. Now I have no excuse for putting it aside as much as I did.

As for Vampire Academy, I got some bad news: I might have to wait until the movie comes out on DVD before I can tear this... thing... apart. That being said, I'll still make a post on my fears of Vampire Academy as a film, especially after hearing the word from some people I look to for determining "quality". I bought Twilight once, so I can give up some bucks for Vampire Academy.

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