14 February 2014

Celebrate with Nostalgia: February 2014 Update


Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it! For the rest of you, happy February 14! Or... February 15 if you're in Asia... or Europe... 'cause by the time I'm posting this... yeah, never mind.

Just goofing around. Listening to music. Preferring blue to red...

Thankfully I am becoming less and less bothered about this particular day of the year. The pressure to have a boyfriend and give out cards to people just because you have to doesn't exist much anymore. Or maybe I hang out with too many people who think that way. Regardless, the fact I'm letting some things roll off my back is a sign of maturing. The superior being(s) know(s) I'm neurotic over everything else.

Other than indulging too much in my music listening, I'm continuing to cool off from my last project here. Nothing else needs to be said about that for a long time. Let me move to other things... like one of the most controversial games of 2012. Or one of the most underrated games of 2013. Or TV shows who use Marilyn Manson's version of "Sweet Dreams" for their pilot episode. (BTW, The Following is pretty awesome. Nothing beats House, but crazy cultists are pretty whacky too.)

As for today, I guess I'm channeling my being single in a childishly silly way. Rather than listen to depressing music about how awful the world is and how being alive is a curse, I'm listening to songs that invoke a sense of nostalgia in me for some odd reason. I haven't heard many of these songs until high school and many of the songs aren't connected to a specific memory. There's just something about the melody, whether it's the main focus of the song or just a tiny detail, that helps me get lost in my imagination. It's like you suddenly stumble upon and fall in a rabbit hole, only to come out in an expressive, immense world you never want to leave. Maybe it's overflowing with fantastically rich colors, gushing with unnaturally humble flora, or bursting with vastly breathtaking skies. Whatever that world is, the possibilities are boundless and they wrap you in a cocoon of contentment that rarely exists in the real world.


Okay, I got carried away. The point is, some songs make me feel comfortable, happy, and safe, even when I know the feeling cannot and will not last forever. Call the feelings nostalgia or melancholy, these songs for some odd reason have bittersweet undertones or atmospheres that are sometimes hard for me to describe. This music just makes me happy... and sad... and it's an oddly awesome feeling.

Whether you agree or think I'm more insane than usual, maybe there's a track you might enjoy.

"Tokyo Overworld" from: Shin Megami Tensei IV

"The Islander" by: Nightwish

"Glamorous Sky (Japanese Version)" by: Bentley Jones

"The Dream" by: The Birthday Massacre

"Mission 5" from: Sonic Generations

"Clocks" by: Coldplay

"Love You to Death" by: Type O Negative

"In the Arms of Rain" by: ...Yep. I had to throw HIM in somehow. A fan of four years today has to celebrate, dammit. XD


(1) - "Today is Valentine's Day!" ... obviously.

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