24 April 2013

April 2013 Update

Holy crap... Only three more weeks until my summer vacation begins. ...And it's hot, humid, and miserable. I want the cold back; I miss winter so much.

Maybe I need to move to the Arctic and meet a few polar bears...

Credit due to owner.

Anywho. Updates and ramblings...

I am happy that my review of Persona 3 is done. It was a fun project that I tried hard to get right. Five posts of several grammatical mistakes, random tangents, and a favorite character rant later... I'm somewhat stuck in my tunnel-visioned writer's block. Because I spent way too much time writing the review, replaying the game in short bursts, watching clips on Youtube, and finding pictures on the internet, Persona 3 is superglued to my mind. It's terrible; for the first time in years I am back into writing for myself again.

Maybe I mentioned it in the past, or I wrote it in a draft that was never published, but I always wanted to write an original story. One of my best friends inspired me to keep thinking of ideas, and often we'd brainstorm ideas together. My tenth grade literature teacher pushed even further and often praised how I wrote in my journal and my research papers. So with support like that, of course I wanted to write! That, along with just saying whatever comes to my mind, is why this blog started out nearly three years ago. (Darn... I have no life.)

For years I've kept my notes and my one character locked in my head, never to be forgotten. Unfortunately I have no idea where to take the ideas or the plot. The stage is set, but there is no performance.

Persona 3 might not have been the lightning bolt to jumpstart my story, but at least it's got me back into writing. That's a lot more than I can say about most things I enjoy.

Am I giving a video game too much credit? Probably. I think it's a damn good game with a ton of faults that I can overlook, given my state of mind is just right. Other than this, Mass Effect 3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Sonic Adventure 2, I can't remember crying during a game every time I play it. Maybe that's a sign that I have to keep looking for other titles as memorable and touching as these were for me. So maybe the 4.9 out of 5 was a stretch. Or maybe I just get too emotional its hard to not squee in a semi-objective piece.

Ah, the blocks are gone! ^_^

That being said, thanks to Persona 3 I'm back into writing fanfiction. *waits for reader to finish groaning or rolling eyes* As much as I talk about wanting to write, I think I'm good... but not that good. As in able to post it online and receive feedback. I could pull the "only my so-called 'friend' would read it and shred it to pieces in a bitchy manner" card, but that's not my main issue. Sadly though it is one minor reason.

The last time I wrote fanfiction, mainly my Naruto ones, they were terrible. Laughably bad. I might have started hating Twilight at the time, but I could have sworn I stole several "tricks" from it. Such as having background characters be more interesting than the main cast, having the main romance be unbearably shallow and angsty, and having everyone completely love and support the female main character I threw in. (Interestingly when I went back over the train wreck, I actually wrote a decent relationship between one of my created characters and someone from the original source material.)

So how's this one coming along? Eh... It's already over 200 pages long. ...It's readable.

Honestly, I'm being more careful this time. I've been reading the game's script, the Megami Tensei wiki, random sites on Greek mythology, a few other Persona 3 fanfics, and my copy of P3P as references. Despite the idea juggling, planning, and correcting I think it's coming along okay. It's nowhere close to done. The plot has already reached the events at Yakushima in Persona 3, I plan to add alternate variations of some scenes already written, and I'm throwing in some tiny, tiny elements of P3:FES's "The Answer"and Persona 4. So yeah, not done yet.

If I do end up crashing and burning it, at least I got my writing muscles moving again. Man, did it take too long!

Meanwhile the blog will be maintained as usual. The spring semester is coming to an end and I need to refocus. The fanfic is distracting enough, and I don't want this blog to be a third wheel. The only true sign of my presence at times will be the "Music Mood" section. I'm here quite often, though it never really looks like it.

My latest addition, "Fangirl's Library of Biases", is up with most of my reviews. Walking down memory lane and reading the old stuff really made my eyes hurt. But if it entertains, then, no big deal. I work to be better than I was yesterday. :)

So... that's that. I'm off to keep my creative juice flowing.

... hmm... Making poster of Shinji-kun would be nice... ^//_//^

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