29 May 2010

Stuck With Nothing! (with a lame review)

Today was rather busy as I went shopping with my dad. We took a 45-min drive to Lehigh Valley Mall and checked out the Apple store and FYE. Dad bought a new stand for his iPad (he always must have the latest gadgets! -_-) and I bought TWO pairs of headphones to last me a year! It's sad how I go through a pair in six months and how I beg my dad to buy me more. But I love music so much that I need to hear something everyday wether if it's on my iPod or my boom-box on my nightstand (which has been my buddy for at least 10 years!). And I couldn't leave FYE without buying a CD. FYE has been greedy for so long that I couldn't buy a HIM album, released five years ago, without coughing up $25.00 to cover the actual price and the tax! Fortunately, I got a CD I never though I'd buy anywhere for a good $10.00. Why would I miss that opportunity?

This entry will probably be more disorganized because so much is going through my head and so much is going on. Earlier this week, I had a great idea for an entry until the wonderful side of me told me to type it up as soon as possible. But did the forgetful me do so? Nope. So this time I have little to no idea what to type about at the present time. I might blab on about music in the future, but not until I'm used to writing mostly for myself (and the two followers who don't mind my psychotic babbling).

No really, I'm drawing a blank, and I'm typing about drawing a blank. What sane person would do that? I'm mad! Stay away! XD

Well, maybe for the time being, I'll type what comes to mind.

As I mentioned, my day has been busy in the sense that I had spent quite a bit of time with stuff to do and not being bored. I love those days when you do whatever you want and in the end it's all worth it. The summer might have those times for a while until the days grow monotonous and really uneventful. My parents and I did a bit of organizing our house all morning; dad and I went shopping in the afternoon; the three of us watched Surrogates this evening; and I finished the final few episodes of the Gakuen Alice anime just now. Things all in all were balanced out in the end, and i am quite satisfied with my day.

Just to make a [semi] quick review of the movie, I thought Surrogates was interesting, but it felt too short. You those kinds of movies that somehow just go by so quickly, wether you enjoy it a lot or not much at all? It was funny how that turned out, even though it's barely an hour and a half long. Forgetting the length, one reason the movie went by so fast was because everything was "rushed". The plot was decent, but it didn't progress like a fine wine you should slowly enjoy; this was more like chugging down beer because a few of your peers encourage you to do so. It's not a bad thing, but I want to see a slower paced movie with good development. The last movie we rented, The Unborn, failed epically in that department. That was a waste of time. Thank God it was on On Demand for free.

When it comes to books and movies, I like good plot, direction, characters, development, and mood. Surrogates is great as a sci-fi movie since it wasn't as cheesy with the creation of the machines (although them without their skin on is laughable). At least when you watch it, you wouldn't laugh at how everyone failed to make everything NOT fake. Everyone is tired of monsters looking like plastic robotic toys from a children's store. As for direction, the movie has it, but it's not done in the best way. You know how some movies make you doubt everything and everyone? That's the point, but sometimes you don't get a proper introduction of characters and their assumed motives. Apparently movies is just that. It's so filled with sexy surrogates being controlled by fat adult men, Bruce Willis' badass action scenes (he's better in Live Free or Die Hard), and a pissed of scientist that I scratched my head in confusion about 45 minutes in the movie.
I won't reveal anything big about the plot like that prophet dude so I will continue with characters.

I personally did not see any development in anyone except Tom (Willis' character). Of course he's the lead, but this statement is not a compliment. Even the "development" he has is so insignificant that you eventually either: a) not care, b) become bored, or c) laugh at the people who worked on this movie because they can't write characters. This movie is so sci-fi to the point that it drives the movie and leaves characters in the dust. Without them, what kind of plot will you have? As for Maggie, Tom's wife, you really can't feel for her because she's so self centered. (SPOILER!) Throughout the movie, she is seen in between using her surrogate, she takes lots of medication for some unknown reason. How can you get away with that? So what if they lost their son in a car crash, please tell me, those who worked on the movie, tell me HOW Tom and Maggie coped with it? Can you at least say how long ago the accident was? (END!)

For those who read the spoiler, that was what annoyed me quite a bit. You can't just throw a tragedy at someone and don't explain how he/she moved from the accident to the present time. Maybe it has relevance to the movie, maybe it doesn't; at least it helps some people connect to the characters.

Overall, it was decent, but I didn't love it. I only had interest in watching it because Breaking Benjamin's song "I Will Not Bow" was advertised for it and it played in the credits. That movie is best to rent or borrow from a friend. It's a waste of money otherwise, more so if you never watched it before.

At least I saw it with my family and I shouldn't complain too much. No matter how bad or good movies are, we watch them together as often as we can. I love my parents for that. I'm still by myself as I'm typing this and I might be on the computer until I fall unconscious. At least my day was worth it.

But of course I can't forget my friends... and my homework. Exams are on the way... why?! T-T

Sorry for the random post. Hopefully I get a more organized and formal blog up next time. Next time I WILL write down my ideas! Adios! :)

20 May 2010

The Perfect Cover, But What's Inside?

It seems that I'll create an entry today. Thursday, Friday, Saturday: what's the difference?

I had the urge to write for the past few days and I'm glad that I can right now. Hopefully I can get this done before Gakuen Alice steals my attention for the millionth time this week. (I just started reading that manga series this week, and I'm hooked!)

Anyway. Back. To. Business. *ahem*

Yesterday, my Spanish teacher was absent once again, so my classmates and I had study hall in the cafeteria for eighth period. I sat with my two friends (let's just call them Adrian and Jess to keep their real names unknown) and we didn't bother working on the written assignment we were given. We chatted and joked around a lot because we dont sit near each other anymore in class. Adrian and I have been friends since last year, and I just got to know Jess this semester.

While we were talking, Adrian pointed out at the artwork on display in the cafeteria. She noticed that one kid did a picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker. Then we were talking about The Dark Knight and other movies with superheroes. All of a sudden Adrian asks Jess if James Franco is hot; much to my amusement, Jess had no idea who he was until Adrian said he played Harry in the Spider-Man movies. The next few minutes were about hot guys and about who has the "perfect face."

As a bit of a note, movies with superheroes in any shape or form bores me (The Incredibles is an exception). When I saw The Dark Knight I was ready to jump off a cliff: Gary Oldman's character died (T-T), the girl blew up, and there was a new bad guy for no reason when 75% of the movies is over! The only thing that kept me said was the Joker. I will admit Heath Ledger did an amazing job (he is still missed). But when I told people how much I disliked the movie, they all looked at me as if I was from another planet. I didn't mind so much because I get the treatment all the time. XD

Normally it seems that I don't agree with society as a whole: all the movies they love, I hate; all the music they worship as godlike talent, I find it boring and unoriginal; and all the people they claim is hot enough to swoon over, I look at the person and remain unaffected. As much as I love Adrian, one of my best friends, she hasn't found many guys that make me say "he's pretty hot." I can count only one person... Johnny Depp. Every other guy, like that James Franco, didn't impress me much. Maybe I'm picky, maybe I'm not boy-crazy, maybe I don't like to see which guys are worthy of drooling over, but Adrian gave up after trying for months.

The main reason why I wanted to write this was to think about what is the "perfect face." I quite frankly don't believe there is such a thing. Even if you do find that perfect, platinum face, does that person have a personality, heart, and soul of that same material? The cutest guy can be a jackass, and the ugliest guy can be the nicest, most pure soul ever. The "perfect face" my friend was talking about is only what society believes. Heck, there was probably a time when muscular, tanned, sweaty men were out and pale ghosts were in! To me, an attractive guy can have one amazing feature, or a combination of features that just somehow work out great. I might have a liking for dark-haired, light-eyed guys, but there might be some guy who has blonde hair and brown eyes and still be attractive!

Adrian and I tend to disagree on physical appearances often. She wears make-up every day and looks her best; I comb my hair put it in a ponytail and put on some relaxing, baggy clothes. She wears designer clothes that were knocked down to an insanely cheap price; I shop at Khol's. Right there, it's kinda obvious that we have our different preferences in how we dress. Sometimes, I think she can go a day without a lot of make-up; sometimes she wants me to wear clothes that accent my body and not "hide it." But at the end of the day, we're good friends, regardless of our wardrobes and beauty habits (of which I have little to none, lol).

Hopefully I didn't stray too far off topic. But whatever the "perfect face" is, I don't need to find it, and I don't care if some people say I might have it. That's just another worry, another chore, another stress, another burden that I don't want to bear. I'm satisfied with me, and I don't like to point at someone because of how they express themselves in clothes, or how their face is shaped. Maybe it's too idealistic, but that's what I live by.

There was the phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" for a reason not just for stories, movies, and situations...

14 May 2010

To Friend, or Not To Friend...

The joys of this modern day and age! We don't have to walk anywhere anymore because of cars, buses, and trains. What's the use of public phones when we can call our friends anytime, anywhere with cell phones? iPods play whatever music we want without the rest of the world ever caring for our tastes. Many people have TVs in order to keep tabs on what's going on in the world. The latest Apple gadget, Jesus Tablet (aka the iPad), is yet another reason for some people to never pick up a heavy book that smells of ink and paper ever again. And how can life go on without computers?

I'm not trying to complain or sound ungrateful of mankind's advancement; my iPod is one of the things I must have in life. I'm dependent on technology and I will not deny that. There are times, however, when I draw a line, and then again, who doesn't?

Technology isn't a bad thing, but the users are the ones who control - and sometimes manipulate - it for their own use. Science fiction books and movies point it out time and time again at how humanity can bring deadly consequences on itself when using something for the wrong reasons. This sounds too dramatic for what I want to talk about, but hey, it's not too irrelevant.

The reason this post is up is because of my recent computer activity. I admit to having my butt glued to a chair and my eyes and hands locked onto the monitor and keyboard for hours and hours a week. (Again, it's not abnormal. Like many teens, I'm incredibly lazy.) I'm fairly new to the social networking site stuff because I tended to avoid that stuff until now. But as I'm on my fairly-new account, suddenly numerous people send me messages to be their friend, some I have never heard of or met in my life. Every other person is a classmate or another student in my school. That was fairly shocking, especially when my status in my school is "nonexistent," which I don't mind much. I have heard of some of these peers, some of them I am around every day, but what do they all have in common? They don't talk to me in real life.

So my dilemma is should I friend or ignore them? Normally I hate to be rude to people by rejecting them for no reason. If someone I have never met sent me a Valentine's Day card, would I throw it away or accept it? As a gift, it will be accepted with a smile. With that, I friended those peers and ignored those I know I have never heard of/seen before.

To tie everything together, I will state that I try to be cautious. I don't respond to people I have never known who ask for my personal information, or keep contacts (email, cell numbers, addresses) of that person. Not only because they might be a potential stalker, but I might not be the person they think I am.

My parents taught me to be careful with strangers, seen or unseen, and I fully understand and accept what I have learned. Sadly, such safety on the internet is VERY hard to practice. The last time I read a big article about internet stalkers was over a year ago in Newsweek. Months ago, I might have seen one ad on TV about a girl who was abducted, but that's it otherwise. The media tells of the horrors of STDs, war, terrorism, and pedophiliac priests, so why haven't they emphasized what's directly relevant in our lives? Which is closer to a child or teenager in Ohio: Iraq or the internet? the Vatican or porn websites? Africa or social networking sites? Maybe instead of speaking of humanity's impending doom via 2012, why don't you teach kids how to safely use the internet before they end up on the "Have you seen me?" section of your newspaper?

That's why at the end of the day, I spend more time watching videos on Youtube than finding people to talk to on a social networking site. I might be anti-social at times, but it's sometimes better to say too little than too much. That's why I meditate on deciding to click "yes" or "no" every time I see a friend request on my account. Perhaps your doomed fate might not be war or illness, but a machine sitting on your desk. So, are you sure you want to be popular on the internet?

Enter Fangirl's Asylum!

Hello, hei, hiya! This is my first blog and I will rant (no duh) about anything I feel like. Most times it might be about music, movies, my mood, or something I noticed and have to type down! But beware! I am very opinionated and crazy like a fangirl.

It's important to me as an artist to "let it out" my ideas. Such concepts are demons who invade your mind and cause such an uproar in your head that you have to let out their frustration. Unfortunately, these demons pester me at all the wrong times! Whenever I think of a great image to draw or a description of an imaginary character to write about, I never have the time or resources to make their mark "physical"! Plus, I have a bad memory, so when I want to write/draw these ideas down later, a pale imitation or nothing is created. I'm a young artist who has not yet learned to tackle these demons.

My random blabber there is now done. Now back to business!

Maybe someone might read my blog and enjoy what I have to say, and others (the rest of the world) couldn't care less. Feel free to stick around and read my rants and enjoy them... or critique them. I really don't mind.

Just know that once you read too much it might be harder to forget...

UPDATE: I might as well put up posts every Friday or Saturday. Topics will come when they come. Qué será, será. :)
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