09 December 2015

Can't Sleep: Super-Super Short Update

My next final exam is in six hours and I can't get a wink because I had too much soda and caffeine. Oh well. I should be ok so long as I make it to the classroom on time.

Anywho, I know this year has been sorely lacking in content, and I cannot apologize enough for it. Being a senior in college has put me on edge, especially when I can't tell anyone what the hell I'm doing anymore. When I'm not going mad from plans, rejected internship applications, and disappointed parents, I've been consuming media... in small pieces. In fact a rant should be coming up soon.

A pity my consoles have been packed away so that pushed back some of my plans, but I'll keep working on drafts and see what I can pump out when I'm in the mood. (Long-time readers know which review I've been neglecting.) I'll try harder, as writing is one of the few things I know I can do well and advertise to a potential employer... if they somehow find this blog and not go crazy from my insanity.

So yeah, this is a short update I wanted to pump out. Something new will come, I can promise you that for sure. I've been typing away all night in-between reluctant bursts of studying for the last few days and had a six hour long trip in my deep searching for some book I had the crazy idea of buying out of the blue.

Hey, hold on.

...Wait a damned minute is that...?



Good night. I'm done. My brain and the caffeinated soda have played one too many stupid pranks on me for today.

Although sometimes I hate how oblivious and slow my brain can be.

Stupid tall dark-haired men and their deep voices and sexy accents confusing and flustering my asexual ovaries... >.<

19 September 2015

Critical Meltdowns of a Neurotic College Student

Several posts have been staring at me for the past few months (i.e. Mass Effect 3 review), but I can't seem to get them anywhere. Instead, I'll be productive by talking about a few things that have been eating at my brain for a long time.

This semester has me focusing extensively on Japan: two history courses, a few mentions in other social science classes, and my attempting to teach myself 日本語 in my free time. So far I'm doing fine and I'm enjoying what I'm learning, and if it weren't for 汉语, I'd be more lost on Kanji than if I started from scratch. That said, having learned jack and shit about Asia as a continent of diverse cultures and countries has set me back tremendously. I'm still ridiculously ignorant about the Asian political scene, thanks in part to my being American and having been drowned in European ideologies and thought. Making any kind of comparison or acknowledging similarities between an Asian country and a Western country sometimes feels like it'll come across as childish at best and offensive at worst. Add the fact the United States downplays any kind of relationships and issues we have had with Japan at any point and time and I feel like I'm staring at a mountain too steep and dangerous to climb.

"But, Fangirl," you'd ask, "what's the big deal? Clearly you're putting more effort into this than some Americans, so why complain?" Well, setting aside the existential angst I'm continuing to suffer thanks to inconsistent and fragmented data on job prospects for college kids in the US, I overthink everything.

28 August 2015

August 2015 Update: WHELP THEN...

... This was an unproductive summer. Not school-wise at least. My research is still chugging along, despite a few snags here and there from the internet community and myself. The usual ups and downs of life always happen. I'm still being vague about my MegaTen research project because I need to be 100% sure I will release/publish the information. If I'm ever going into research someday beyond college, I need to understand the ins-and-outs before diving head-first into an empty swimming pool. But I can assure the two or three people who know and are curious about it that it is still being worked on.

Fun fact: I am one of the seemingly few people who
hates and does not rely on coffee to live.

17 June 2015

Entertaining, Erratic, and Embarrassing

This is the second year of watching E3 with my pals, mainly to pass the time and to take a break from writing my research paper. Considering it's nothing but a show for investors to examine and determine whether a major company in the gaming industry needs support or not, this E3 was surprisingly fun to watch... depending on the presenter.

Because I'm an amateur and a weirdo, I'll make my opinions on the three-day fiesta as brief as possible.

27 April 2015

Some of My Thoughts on 'Daredevil'

Now that the semester is calming down and coming to a close, I find myself feeling too tired and annoyed to get any work done. That's the life of a typical college student, of course. But there have been times when I want to sit back and enjoy a good show, only to find that Youtube took down my favorite channel, the old talents at Channel Awesome continue to lose their luster (save for two), and Netflix has one too many crappy shows and movies for me to bother with. These first world problems are more annoying than critical, but I like to feel that my time is well spent... or I have the illusion that my time is well spent. Netflix has been hit and miss on that front, and I was back in a rut with the service for the third time this year.

Until Marvel of all things managed to make something that has a pulse and catches my interest.

I know the vast majority of the internet speaks in hyperbole and memes, but I'm very serious. This is the only Marvel "masterpiece" quality work that I genuinely agree as much as people claim. Kind of. Maybe. I don't know.

13 April 2015

April 2015 Update: Still Not Dead, But Worried and Tired

D-Don't get me st-started... *sniffle*
Life has a wonderful way of throwing a billion priorities at you, and you're left confused in the middle of a deep valley surrounded by mountains. Yes, due to fulfilling college group requirements, attending a few daunting classes, planning for summer, analyzing my research, and prepping for possible conferences, I ignored Rants From a Fangirl for a few months. Honestly, I've been feeling more tired than usual. Before Spring Break, I was so mentally fatigued that I often slept in for twelve hours on weekends and took naps in the middle of the week, only to wake up more unhappy and frustrated with myself.

I have been feeling better lately though. Several internship opportunities I signed up for have all turned me down, but I've taken the rejection a lot easier than I had earlier this semester. I'm still at a point in my MegaTen research that I can't openly say how things are going, but I'm still working on it for school. (Just the other day, in fact, I stayed up until 2am working on it.) If I can't get anything else right, I hope my project works out well enough for my undergraduate record to look promising.

I know that this blog is supposed to not focus on my personal life, so I'll now talk about all the nerdy shit I've been up to when I should have been writing for my blog!

17 January 2015

Good Riddance, 2014!

I didn't manage to make any progress on anything during winter break, but sometimes taking time to sit back and do nothing can be therapeutic. At least I made a few expectations for myself before I stayed off most parts of the net for days. This blog isn't "professional" in the strictest or even loosest terms, but I still should get things done in a timely manner so the blog doesn't die without warning.

Anywho. Happy 2015.

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