13 August 2013

'Tears on Tape'

After nearly killing myself over a stupid video game, I'm ecstatic that I could cast aside some of the worst thoughts to finally greet my favorite band's new album back in April. I remember greeting Screamworks around Valentine's of 2011 with universe-destroying period cramps that made me leave school early. (Men are so lucky...) When I checked the mail, my massive limited edition purchase sat there and my bloody angry mood crumbled into dust. Not a few hours later, a snow storm came and I had an extra day off to enjoy the awesome music.

This time, similar luck happened. I desperately NEEDED the sweatshirt I got in my preorder for my final art project. And the weekend I come home to get my things for it? Thanks for being a loyal Fangirl, me! ^_^

... But this has nothing to do with the quality of the album at all, does it?

And so, how is HIM's eighth studio album, Tears on Tape?

For one, I love the cover art. It's so bizarre with the lyrics of the chorus to "Tears on Tape" written in cryptic symbols, Malachim to be exact, within the snake. That and the heartagram surrounded by a heptagram and the abstract tiles... Oh, I can squee over this band forever and bore everyone else on the planet!

I'm done gushing... for now. ...Maybe.

... But the drummer is healthy again after that really scary nerve damage in his wrists from repetitive stress! Yay! Thank the superior being(s) he recovered before the band considered breaking up! :D

...Darn it. Shutting up. >.<

12 August 2013

Persona 4: the Golden Preview

... Ladies and gents. First, it was Persona 3. Not long ago, it was Persona 4 Golden. I finally beat the two most popular, referenced, and overrated Persona games in the subseries under the gi-friggin-normous Megami Tensei umbrella of a franchise. My Vita may not have as many games as my 3DS, but it sure was happy to be used.

So, the big question. I adore Persona 3 to no end, just ask my 460 page fanfic. Does its successor, particularly the Golden version, sit on the same level? Or does it surpass it?

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