27 March 2013

Political Compass, Many Months Later

Last time I took this political quiz, almost exactly one year ago...

Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: -1.88
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.74


Your political compass

Economic Left/Right: -6.62
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.82

Holy crap.

The moderately liberal libertarian transformed into an extremely communistic libertarian. My Republican best friend might not be happy about that. @_@ And like many people, I am still disenchanted by the choices in politicians. So I guess we're all in the same boat about something.

See where you fall: http://www.politicalcompass.org/test

26 March 2013

'Persona 3', Part II

Looking back, I think I went too fast with the gameplay section. If anyone read it and had no idea what the hell "Tartarus" or "the Dark Hour" is, I apologize. I will go in more detail once we get to plot, which is not until a good ways off at this rate, but let me simplify them here and now.

When you're not living a normal high school life, a mysterious "hidden" hour emerges at midnight, between one day and the next. That is the Dark Hour. Most people are unaware of this, as they are "asleep" in coffins that suddenly manifest. Only those with a Persona - or those with the potential to awaken one - can wander around freely.

Except there are Shadows everywhere and their behavior seems to be affected by the phases of the moon. Most, however, hang out in this massive tower located in the center of the town our heroes live in. It also just happens to be your high school during every other time but the Dark Hour. Of course, its up to you to investigate and figure out how both Tartarus and the Dark hour came to be.

And you can't do that without comrades.

There might be some spoilers.

23 March 2013

Mini Shots: Evanescence

After many years of bashing them whenever I can, now is probably the time to be a bit more honest and less angry towards the band I owe so much. I have come across as a rebellious child kicking and screaming every single time I hear of Evanescence. Most of the time, my outbursts come from an irrational place. How some bands continue to get recognition despite boring both my ears off never ceases to baffle me. How some of the more interesting musicians do well enough to keep making music while others lay on their backs, basking in fame and glory while they mass produce thin-skinned balloons pisses me off.

Do I sound like a hipster? Hmm, perhaps. "I liked them before they were cool" is not a commonly used phrase, although "I liked them before they began to suck" sounds more like me. Minor technicality I guess.

In late 2006, this band saved me. An exaggeration to some, I guess, but Evanescence really did kickstart my changing preference in music. Pop lost its appeal to me at some point as it sounded very shallow. Whenever people would talk about the latest hit, all I would hear was about how the beat was awesome or the melody catchy... and that's it. Lyrics were irrelevant. The next thing the world knew, that one hit song would vanish into the trench of the lost and forgotten, never to be mentioned again. Why did such a music genre and its followers have such a short attention span? Were there any songs worth hanging onto? Apparently my dissatisfaction with what society thought was "cool" lost its appeal and I tried to find something different.

Evanescence was the first step. They were my diapers, my training wheels, my crutches... then I outgrew them. I could find new music on my own, I could try out other bikes, and I could walk without feeling intimidated. The journey was long and many changes happened, but I'm happy where I am. Now, I need to come to terms with where it all began. Hopefully, I can do this in a more mature fashion than some of my past rants.

22 March 2013

'Persona 3' Part I

... okay.

It took me a long time to recover after my first impression post. Now that I underwent extreme psychotherapy and a lobotomy to erase that inexcusably f'ing awful event from my mind, I'm back to normal and ready to review.

Other than that one moment that I cannot remember details of, Persona 3 was a lot better than I originally expected. For once I found a JRPG that is interesting and its developers competent.

'Tis a shame that I have over 130 hours of two playthroughs to reflect and comment on. By this point, it seems that video game reviews will be a billion times longer than anything else I'll ever post. Looks like the Mass Effect trilogy won't be the only one getting this special treatment.

02 March 2013

'Persona 3': First Impressions

~~~Fangirl's LOG: 25 hours of gameplay complete.

You know, this game is really addicting! Maybe now I can finally dive into role playing games without being too anxious! Man, this is pretty great! First Mass Effect, now Persona 3! I am on a roll! This is exactly why I do research, ask questions, and then take a dip in the pool.

The gameplay is repetitive, but fun; the plot makes sense; the characters are likable - no, lovable; the drama feels natural and well-developed; and the music is awesome... Man, this is just too good to be true! For once, I actually give a crap about high school kids and their everyday shenanigans! For once, I'm actually really, really, completely happy with a video game! I can easily see myself playing this for many years, just like the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! Man, those were some fantastic days of my childhood!

Surely my luck will run out at some point, but for now, I can settle with this long period of fun games! Yet another game to beckon me as I'm off in college away from my Playstation 3...

*newly bought PS Vita with Persona 4 screen protector catches eye*

... never mind! I can play this game whenever I shall please! This is like Christmas all over again! XD

~~~ Fangirl's LOG: 43 hours complete.

Holy crap! Things are getting real! Oh, boy, this is getting intense! Another full moon event! Time to kick some butt! I'm so psyched! I love this game so much!! Things just keep getting better and better!

~~~Fangirl's LOG: ten minutes later.



... what... just happened?



Ha, ha! Maybe I did something wrong. This is an RPG, right? There are tons of flags scattered about with choices that can affect the story! I should start again from scratch, just in case!

Sure, there are four months in the school year before the final battle and the end of the game, but maybe I can change that one little event! Right?

~~~Fangirl's LOG: Current save file abandoned. Created new save file. Decided to make different choices. After many hours pass, Fangirl reached reached the point of concern.


It happened AGAIN? What the hell! What did I do wrong?! How can I undo it?! Where is the third option?! What route must I take to avoid it?! Please tell me it doesn't canonically happen!

It f'ing better not be canon! My fangirlish instincts are boiling with rage! Universe, please don't do this to me!!! This pessimistic Fangirl needs a happily ever after, dammit! One light of hope and happiness is all I ask for! All the fan art on the internet is NOT going to cut it!

~~~Fangirl's LOG: Turns off game without bothering to save. Goes online to look up in-depth, detailed research. Many, many sleepless nights pass by.






I quit. All the ice cream, crab cakes, dark chocolate, and HIM songs in the universe cannot help me unsee what I experienced. Not even fan art... or fanfiction...

What's canon, is canon.

Damn it...

...why did I play this...?

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