30 January 2011

'The Rite'

(CREDIT: to the owner. by now, you should know it's not moi.)
Rank: 2.5/5 <- stuck in limbo

Two scary movies in a row? Maybe I need to go back to light-hearted fairy tales of sugar and bubblegum. ...NAH.

As of now, I have to question what makes a horror movie good? In fact what makes any story great? How did Inception blow away so many people last summer? How did Aeris's death in Final Fantasy VII become one of the most shocking scenes in video game history? How has Shakespeare's works become literature that every living being in civilized culture must learn about? Why did Star Trek have a humongous, continuous cult following after the cheesy show went off the air decades ago? How can some subjective ideals be more universally agreed upon than others? And why are there some things one can either love or hate, with no middle ground? Like the meaning of life itself, maybe there is no absolute and definite answer.

"Why sound so philosophical, Fangirl," you may ask? Well, I do overanalyze things or I babble on and on to the point you want to hit me with a metal baseball bat. Once again I might be over-thinking this movie and wondering why I gave it this rating.

As far as horror films go, The Rite is by no means a god-awful film, but it sure as hell isn't great. Of course it doesn't suck because Anthony Hopkins is in it, and he is fantastic; but the other actors didn't impress me much. The plot brings some bits of stupidity: a young man in the seminary who suffers with a crisis of faith and goes to the Vatican to study exorcisms. As a skeptic I found myself arching my eyebrow every time people pushed the man in that direction. Either the man has issues that surpass his eyeballs, or he is a big pushover. Actually with him being surrounded by so many Christians I'm surprised he hasn't complained about the emphasis on faith IN THE VATICAN. (It's bad enough with me being in a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.)

Basically, every character, except Hopkins', has little to no personality. However, they have more personality than those of the cast of Twilight.

This shouldn't taint your idea of seeing or avoiding this film, but as a doubter of almost any religion, I was a bit turned off by the black-and-white logic presented here. It basically spelled this out to me: "If you believe in the one, true Christian God, you have power to cast the Devil away. If you are a doubter or an atheist, the Devil has deceived you and has lead you into his grasp." I do appreciate that the movie highlights the importance of not just citing words for the fun of it, but that mindset is extremely myopic and not an objective truth.

Regardless, there are far better scary films with exorcisms to see, but this film isn't horrible. I don't really care what you want to do with this. Besides, my mom and I saw it mostly because of Anthony Hopkins, who didn't disappoint us, and without him, the film might have sucked. Sometimes execution is key. :)

Because this and Silent Hill are getting to me, I think I should avoid horror films for now. On the other hand, I should avoid romances too. *sigh* [For the most part] I hate February...

29 January 2011


(CREDIT: to Placebo. not the girl with no musical talent. :P)

Rank: 4.999999999999999999999999999999/5 <--almost ....="">

Well, it might be blasphemous to some that this album has a higher rank than Ozzy's Scream, but I'm Fangirl, an opinionated witch who doesn't care what half the world thinks of her. :P (If you are a first-time viewer, have no fear, I am not heartless all the time.)

There are some types of rock bands that I'm not a huge fan of. Take Radiohead, Coldplay, or Muse, they might have a few good songs, but their sounds are a bit too repetitive, lifeless, bland, or inflexible. A few more examples, but I'm trying to get into more, are The Killers, 30 Seconds to Mars, Interpol, and Placebo. There's something about their music that I just can't really get into, and I am yet to know what it exactly is. But for a chick like me who doesn't like them too much, I'm surprised I like this album a lot. In fact, no. I hate that it's not longer.

Meds was a random chance for me, and I'm glad that this is far better than I thought. I enjoy every song on this album and that is a rarity unless the band's name is a pronoun. In fact, my experience with Meds was like those with HIM: some songs were just unpredictable and there were a few moments, especially a "WTF?" one, when I was caught off guard.

Fortunately, this album made a deeper crack into my doubts for Placebo. The music can be repetitive, such as "Drag" and "Post Blue", but you can tell the difference between the chorus and the verse, something many songs can often fail at. But thankfully, every song sounds different (compare "Blind" and "Broken Promise".) Nothing annoys me more than those two issues, and Meds has neither. Even Brian Molko's vocals didn't bother me as much as I originally anticipated. Maybe it's one of those things that one must get used to.

I really have little complaints about this record except what I said before: IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH.

The edition I have is the US re-release with 15 songs, including the cover of "Running Up That Hill." I think Tenebris mentioned that cover in a past post, and I agree with her. Look it up as soon as possible. If you like rock music at all, I highly recommend checking out Placebo. It's nowhere near as scary as some of the other music I review here. :)

I highly doubt I'll ever be as lucky as I was this time, so maybe I should actually do more research so the next purchase doesn't make me regret giving this album praise.

27 January 2011

'Silent Hill'

(CREDIT: to the creator. I do not own this pic or the movie.)
Rank: 3 out of 5

Yeah, yeah, this movie is a few years old, but don't give me grief. I review albums that are a few years old anyway!

Quite frankly, I'm not the most avid fan of the genre, but I love having a horror film to creep me out and scare me every now and then. The Last Exorcism, The Grudge, One Missed Call (the superior Japanese 2004 film,) The Uninvited, and Carrie are some of my favorites. Unfortunately, the horror film genre can be plagued by really terrible, corny fests of excretion (The Unborn, The Messengers, and the American lame-ass version of One Missed Call.) It seems that scary movies can be loved or hated, depending on the person.

Now as for Silent Hill...

Thankfully I did A LOT of research on the universe of Silent Hill, so know that I am aware of it's concept. From reading Translated Memories and SilentPyramid's analyses, watching Dena's videos in Game Den, and watching several Let's Plays on thatguywiththeglasses.com and Youtube, it took me almost two months to know a decent amount of information. Fortunately, a friend just let me borrow her copy of the film as well as the Playstation 2 version of Silent Hill 2. I am no longer sitting on my butt and watching videos: I finally have the chance to experience the universe.

But now about the film... OBVIOUSLY.

In my research I have heard many complaints about it, especially adding the "sexy nurse" monsters, the cockroaches (I think? o_O), and Pyramid Head without stating any relevance for their existences. The Silent Hill games always had various monsters as portrayals of an aspect in the life of the main character or the creators once living in the accursed town. For example in SH2,Pyramid Head symbolizes punishment, hinting at the fact that James can't forgive himself for the crimes he committed, and bears a resemblance to the executioner found in a painting somewhere in the town. Because fans know this, several feel confused as to why would a monster of punishment would be in the movie when Rose has no known desire to punish herself.

The bottom line is simple: Silent Hill is a cursed town, shaped by the subconsciousness of the souls who set foot there. Monsters representing their dark feelings come alive to haunt the weary traveler who was led there. The town has a dark history of people who believe in a dark cult, wanting to bring the birth of their god by filling the Mother with hatred. It is a hell one cannot leave until the main character comes to terms with the feelings within them. Silent Hill is a survival horror game with plenty of symbolism, complex characters, deformed but creative monsters, and tortured solitude.

The film creatively took the spirit of the games and captured the imagery beautifully, however, the concepts were shaky. The plot wasn't terrible, but its aspects strayed too far from the source material. Technically, it's almost exactly like the plot of the first game with edits:

- Harry Mason is looking for his missing daughter Cheryl
- Silent Hill has either very few to no residents left
- Alessa was burned in an attempt to bring the birth of the cult's God
- Alessa is 14
- Dahlia is the head of the cult

- Rose Di Silva is looking for her sick daughter Sharon
- several people, who follow the cult, live there in a purgatory-like state
- a coal fire burned down the town and the residents
- Alessa, who was burned for being a witch, is at least 37
- Christabella (where the hell did she come from?!) is the head of the cult

I could go on forever on this, but I don't want to confuse you all too much.

Overall, I don't think this film was terrible as many fans say it is. Silent Hill made numerous changes to the characters and the plot, but the execution was pretty good. The monsters weren't too corny since they are all humanoid to begin with, so there's not too much crazy or stupid CGI. And, because there were almost no male characters for some reason, the actresses all did excellent jobs. Could it have been better? Of course: the symbolism was severely lacking. But Silent Hill is one hell of a fun movie.

At least, that's what I think, especially when I don't call myself a fan...

24 January 2011

[Unsuccessfully] Learning to Not Hate Every Small Thing in Life

Isn't it great that there are so much we work on and attempt to master every day? Isn't the wonderful, blissful, energizing reality known as life so terrific? Every day is a new canvas, ready to be painted with sunshine, flowers, happiness, love, peace, flying poptarts, angelic music, oreos, and milk! It's time to change my blog by adding colors of elaborate light and euphoria!! I love everything, don't you?!!!! Smile and sing if you're with me!!!!!

... If you, dear reader, ever see these words in another post again, shoot your monitor. If you see such gaudy, happy images on my blog, never return to this site ever again. And if you see me running around and professing such crap, lock me up in an asylum until I'm a rotting corpse.

Yes, the first part is my being extremely sarcastic (thank god for that.)

Anyway, life is full of challenges that one must face and attempt to conquer. Unless you know me in person or via the internet, my view of life is realistic with a dose of pessimism. Everything has it's faults; I do, my computer does, my friends do, my favorite musicians do, world leaders do, a flea does, you get the point. Also, it shouldn't be a surprise that I complain and bitch alot; I'm a human being with opinions. It's a no brainer unless you're an aemeba. Then you'd use your nucleus.

But I digress.

The very thing in life that serves as a great challenge to many people is dealing with things you love and/or hate. My crutch is my intolerance for irrationally extreme and pushy feelings towards something, especially in cases of arguing something subjectively. Such occurrences happen very often as much as some are unaware. Take the example of two kids talking about their favorite ice cream. The first one says he loves chocolate because it simply tastes good. The other claims that vanilla is the best because it is a universally popular flavor, creating an argument with the chocolate lover. It goes somewhat like this:

Kid #2: How could you possibly hate vanilla ice cream?!
Kid #1: I just don't like it that much. I think chocolate tastes better.
Kid #2: But it's so disgusting!! Anyone who hates vanilla ice cream doesn't know good food!
Kid #1: That's a stupid statement! How can you prove that?
Kid #2: Millions of people love vanilla ice cream because of it's amazingly unique taste. If that many people like it, then it MUST be good!!

You get the idea.

Now put that pointless banter on the level of religion, political ideals, and entertainment and prepare for the stampede of bulls with fully sharpened horns.

My outlook on life is that hating something is perfectly fine, just as long as there are reasons and one does not intentionally shove the opinion down another's throat. It's the only way for me to attempt to deal with opinions I do not agree with. Though it's a goal for me to [at least] tolerate something, most times I fail miserably. In a past rant, I blew up over numerous things that pissed me off at that time, such as the fact that pop music has annoyed and angered me as much as it did back in 2007. However, though I dislike it with a passion, that doesn't mean I walk the face of the earth and convince everyone that my view is supreme.

Irrational extremism with absolutely no respect or acknowledgement for something else.
What a wonderful world we live in.

Maybe that's enough negativity for the moment, but like it or hate it, it's just my opinion. And is it flawed? Absolutely. But I like it.

The world's concept of perfection is overrated; it's a goal that is impossible to reach because no matter how everyone sees it, someone will stand up and say, "I hate it!" But yet, everyone strives for it for reasons one cannot properly express in words. Maybe it's a way to cope with life's ups and downs. Maybe it's a way to make their unsure life worthwhile. Maybe it's a way to create a world and escape from reality.

One of my favorite musicians has always said that "imprefection is perfection," and I want to live by that. As far as I know, there is no objectable, pure right and wrong; therefore, I try to be as tolerant of the things I percieve and cannot change. Not everything can always go my way and not everyone is going to like me. I accept that life is like that. What I can change is what I can change. What will be, will be.

As for now, my learning not to hate every small thing in life is still unsuccessful, but it's a work in progress. I hope to be more and more tolerant with every day, every person I meet, and every perspective I look through. It's a lifelong goal that makes my life worth living for... But of course, you can't forget oreos, chocolate, crab cakes, music, art, HIM, family and friends. Who can live without them?

See? Flawlessness is not my best friend. I guess I should add "correcting contradictions" to my To-Do List.

Despicable, Neglectful Me

To abandon my blog for this long (and not for vacation reasons) is embarrassing. Thankfully there are no social services to legally take my own blog away for being such a neglectful parent. :'(

And I won't be surprised if all you dear readers don't come here anymore. That is at least one thing I did right in my asylum. :P

I swear that I will go back to updtaing at least once per week, even if it's just a silly review. Thanks to the holidays, I have bought some new music for myself and I might get to some of them. Otherwise for rants I need to reedit and finish some drafts I currently have saved onto my computer.

If anyone is still a frequent follower, why hasn't your common sense told you to spend your time doing something else?! Asylums aren't supposed to be entertaining, darn it! (Emilie Autumn would absolutely think so....)

Nah, you loyal followers get a virtual hug. :P

Meanwhile, I think I have another rant that I might write that could feed controversy... coming soon...


08 January 2011

January Update

For those who suffer from Marilyn-Mansonphobia and didn't read the last post, Happy New Year, readers!

The holidays are starting to close their doors on us and life is returning to the usual blah-ness and annoyance that plagues politics, society, nasty weather, and everything else. Reality is a bitch, ain't it?

My new year has started out fairly difficult and grey, but hopefully things will get better. I have no resolutions other than to strive for personal growth, a lifelong process. But as for my blog, I will try to let off more steam and write more rants. At this point, it might as well be called "Reviews From a Fangirl" by the way it is going...

Expect more insanity, fangirl squeals, and maybe a few laughs if you have any sense in humor (or maybe it's mine that sucks. :P) Otherwise, I must take midterm exams later this month, so don't freak out if no posts show up.

Take care, viewers, and enjoy another year of suffering. :D

- Fangirl

05 January 2011

Another MM Post...

(NOTE: all pics came from MansonWiki)
What a post to start the new year...

Marilyn Manson seems to keep popping up in my life since November. First the video, then the research, then the famous person portrait assignment in Studio Art, and NOW religion class today!

My classmates and I had to research a controversial musician and determine wether or not their music and views are "sinful" if we pay attention to them or buy their music. Strict Catholic schools do this, people. Of course, I figured, why not Manson? When it was my turn, I went up to the front of the class and spoke up. I said that there is little reason to claim his work "sinful" based on what you hear; and if he is "anti-religionous" for traumatic reasons, he still promotes individual expression for young people who feel intimidated to do so. (Now my classmates will think I'm truly a psychotic freak. XD) Although, I give my teacher credit for being respectful of my views, listening to my points, and praising how much I knew about him.

So, wether he cares or not, I defended a crazy, but intelligent and awesome musician... on his birthday. *twitches in disgust at own BS*

But to give the man what he deserves: HAPPY 42nd BIRTHDAY, MARILYN MANSON!!!!!!

See you in 2011!!!! :P
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