30 November 2010

December Update

Christmas, New Years, and all the other holidays are on the way. Man, the wait sure did take forever! 2010 felt so long...

I was on Valo Daily just recently and a good number of the members were complaining or joking about the amount of snow they were getting in their countries. Tempted to cry, I felt jealous because the only snow we got in good ol' Pennsylvania was washed away by rain. That was the only time I hate rain. :'( So I keep my finger crossed for at least one snow day (preferably Valentine's Day because that holiday is troublesome. :P)

This month is obviously hectic because everyone celebrates the holidays and shops for goodies to give and all that jazz. School procrastinates by overloading the tests at in the middle of the second quarter (it's that time already?!) So for this month, I'll deal with reviews, like usual, and I might writeabout what I'm thankful for during this wonderful time of the year.

While I'm at it, I should probably put my Christmas music back on my iPod. Aw... looks like I got to cut back aggressive, shocking music. Just when I was starting to love Marilyn Manson too... T-T


Tenebris In Lux said...

1) I know, right? My december finals are coming up FAST!

1.5) I'm a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to winter. The la la la's and what not .. eesh, kind of gets to me. After awhile, the buzz annoys me. Not much of a holiday person, see :p

2) I don't mind snow. Just hate the cold lol.

3) I have something called sever chronic depersonalisation disorder (kinda-but-not-really similar to shell shock syndrome and schizophrenia. All in all, it isn't fun). My condition gets worse during winter ..

By the way, nice blog background :) Kind of a jumbled comment, I know.

Melanie-"Fangirl"-Light said...

- lol! I have four tests tomorrow and not one teacher is willing to change the day! even they love to procrastinate. >.<

- no problem, Lux. Scrooges are allowed. lol. I do get annoyed sometimes, like i need my own music as well as Christams music or else I'd hear "Santa's Coming to Town" fifty times in one day. and i HATE that song. lol

- owch. I'm sorry to hear that. it must not be very fun. well, it seems that everyone feels down in winter to some degree. during a snowstorm last February, I was depressed for a while because I was trapped indoors for days. not the same, but winter can be whacky.

jumbled-ness is perfectly great! thanks. :)
I'll keep this background up for a while... lol. :D

Tenebris In Lux said...

Yea. Here in Illinois they "said" that it would snow for last night. It's still snowing o_o

Melanie-"Fangirl"-Light said...

what? that's crazy... o_O

I'll take the snow if you don't want it, lol! XD

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