11 October 2010

And You Thought This Fangirl Lost Some Bananas

Just because I haven't made a full rant in a while, I finally found something just a few minutes ago and I have to let it out.

Because I haven't frequently visited Valo Daily like back in the summer, I decided to check out how everything was going. Granted, I'm new there, so my impression is not even a fingerprint on a crystal clean window, but whatever. While viewing the recent comments, someone posted up something that many (including myself) found incredibly disturbing. Here's part of the message here:

"...according to what people post on some
international HIM boards it seems that though
it's no Helldone this year some of the fans are still
going to travel to Helsinki! ... it's cool that
people still want to see the New Year in in
the Promised Land of Love Metal, but...some
of these fans are planning to celebrate right
in Munkkiniemi, next to Ville's house!
It is so sick! WTF? It's crossing the line, poor
Ville! Hope he's wise enough not to stay
home in the New Year's Eve...When I read
stuff like that I have no doubt that the world
is slowly going crazy..."

I must give my parents a high five for conceiving and raising a child who would never be insane enough to even WANT to do such a thing.

How can one even begin? Is there a word in any language that can best describe these people who plan such a thing without resorting to a tongue dipped in filth? Is there any word to label these people without putting them to a level below plankton? Because I'm struggling, I'll stick to a simple one and an adjective attached to it. INSOLENT IDOITS. Okay, maybe that wasn't nice, but there are worse things I could have said.

One thing I always learned, and still stick to a bit too much, is R-E-S-P-E-C-T. I think we need Aretha Franklin to teach the lesson for these people! Honestly, after reading that message, I realized that they have no respect for Ville as a basic human being. I bet you that if he actually was a normal guy who never was the loved HIM singer, not one of them would give a crap of his existence. Even if he/she walked past him on the street. Even if he held the door open for him/she. Even if he gave him/her the wallet he/she dropped by accident. In this state of mind that they seem to be in, I think I might be right. And that's sad.

And have they heard of the concept of a "personal bubble" or "personal property?" If those guys never heard of the story when some drunk girl slammed on Ville's house door for hours until he called the police, then they are so far out of touch with reality.

Maybe I'm being mean, but I would honestly never do anything to that extreme. As much as I love him as a musician and smart guy, I'd probably faint just by walking past his house. It might sound weird, but because I'm a nervous person, I am sure I couldn't handle meeting a famous person.... or better yet, a famous person I look up to! Like my dad, I'm too much of a people pleaser. If someone is talking to me, I do my best to not give a bad first impression. At the same time, conversation can be awkward because I try to hard. We all screw up, but being a perfectionist doesn't help one's situation much does it?

It's one thing to find the famous person you like, but no one else notices, and you talk to them when they least expect it. Some famous people just don't get recognized, and maybe some of them do find it nice for an admirer to say hello and have a small chat. Who knows? Maybe you might have made their day from your paths intersecting for a moment. It's another when it's someone EVERY. PERSON. WANTS. TO. MEET. And the last thing you need is to piss them off because too many fans tackled them in less than ten minutes.

So when it comes down to things, as much as I love HIM as a whole, and all five members, I would never want to meet them. Maybe it's the whole "I'm not worthy" complex that I'm showing off, but I respect them enough that I'd admire them from a distance. I don't need to hunt them down and see them in the same room as me. That already happened at my first time seeing them live back in March! Do I need their autographs? Nope. A picture with them? Hell no! I'm not the most photogenic person! Fly to Helsinki and try to be right outside Ville house for New Years? I'd rather sit through twenty four consecutive hours of nonstop politics over the trillions of dollars in debt the US has. At least that would be worth time and money.

Why the hell would one spend so much on a plane ride to a goddamn freezing country in THE MIDDLE OF WINTER to stand outside some man's house and run the risk of getting arrested in a foreign country?! Let me know when you have an answer for that!

Am I being rude and insulting to these people? I probably am, but they seem to have absolutely have no respect for this man. If these fans were joking just as a way to cope with no Helldone this year, they better know it wasn't funny in any way. And if they were serious... I won't take back what I say. That's why everyone gets wound up when I voice my opinions.

Despite that, I feel much better now that I left off some steam. This wasn't professional, but when were rants supposed to be? Besides, I miss this. :P

So hopefully you learned something else about me. Fangirl is insanely crazy about her obsessions; but she isn't so blind as to stalk the people I look up to. So that makes me average, but happy with admiring from afar.

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