10 August 2010

August Update

Is it me or has time moved so slowly? :/

As summer is finally reaching its end, vacation will be over along with it within a month. However, next comes my two favorite seasons: autumn and winter! I love the cold: it's a time for sweatshirts, cargo pants, scarves (my lovelies!!!!), boots, and crisp air! I will not be missing this heat and humidity anytime soon!

Anyway, I have an entry to be posted within the next few days, so I can bounce back to my usual one-a-week drill. However, I am unsure how often I will update my blog in the next two weeks. And once I'm done sitting dogs, rabbits, and two devilish boys, who I miss so much, school will be right around the corner. Hopefully my memory doesn't go bad. ^^'

When school starts up, I might have to religiously update only on one specific day due to school work and readjusting. No worries, of course. :D

That is all that is up for now. Ciao. :P

And for a picture bonus from my Europe trip! This was taken on July 3 while my group and I were taking a nice walk up a hill right outside the town of Cahersiveen in County Kerry, Ireland. The walk was tiring, but the view was amazing. Even when every day changed from sun to clouds and rain, Ireland was very cool, pleasant, and comfortable. My kind of weather!! :)

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